Someone Has To Love Her

Someone has To Love Her is a family saga.

Elizabeth, born a year before the outbreak of World War 2 is brought up in wartime Sheffield. Tragically both her parents have died by 1947. Her grandparents and her aunts give her a secure upbringing. But there are occasions when she is difficult to love at least by her family. Becoming pregnant whilst studying at university alters the course of Elizabeth’s life. Giles, her son, is a troubled soul but is able to find direction to his life. On marrying Angela he become a step-father to Jenny. Jenny’s upbringing is marred through witnessing her father’s violent treatment of her mother. But Jenny will provide a twist to the saga when she finds love. Her own romantic connections will shockingly bring events back to Elizabeth and her family.

Set in Sheffield and Nottingham the novel evokes a sense of place and time.

To order your copy of Someone Her To Love Her click here


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