Talking to Women’s Groups

Following on from my initial presentation to the Patong Rotary group, I have begun to talk to others about my search. I am lucky enough to be invited to speak to women’s groups, especially Women’s Institutes, Probus or religious groups but also to mixed groups. I enjoy the experience and the audiences seem to enjoy it in return. Often there is laughter and sometimes discrete dabbing of eyes with tissues. It is after such talks that people come up to tell me of their personal experiences of adoption – adopting children – this one mostly – and being adopted themselves, about wartime pilots, searches for their own birth parents, and other interesting accounts which have been triggered by my talk.

These talks have so far been local to Nottingham and the area around my village in Staffordshire.

Next dates are:

21st April 2015            Woollaton Methodist Ladies Group

8th June 2015               Belvoir Vale Wine and Social Club

Most excitingly I shall be appearing at the Charroux Literary Festival (go to…….for more information in August this year alongside some illustrious names in the literary world.


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